Success Stories

Solution for a new sales environment


“The financial services industry has changed significantly in the last 5 years. What worked a few years ago is no longer enough. Our new advisors must be radically better prepared to have compelling and compliant conversations with clients. Conversation drives revenue and iDealResponse is the company we choose to help us grow the bottom line.”

Paul L., CFP, ChFC

FA saves $300K account


“It’s so ironic. 10 minutes after completing my iDealResponse training, I get a call where an existing client wanted to close her account due to the downturn of the economy.  I was so prepared for the objection, that I convinced her not to close her $300,000 account in under 2 minutes!”

Pamela E., Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

60-day team results


“We saw tangible results with our new trainees using the iDealResponse system in just 60 days. A great example was a $500,000 order closed by a new Financial Advisor.”

Tina T., SVP Wealth Management