Q: How long does it take to onboard and use iDealResponse?

A: It typically takes 30 minutes per team to onboard IR and 30-60 minutes per week to use.


Q: Does IR require any maintenance or upgrades?

A: No. All maintenance, support, and upgrades are included with your subscription.


Q: Is iDealResponse a role playing tool?

A: Simulation is one aspect of what iR does. It is also a system to measure team performance and a peer-based discovery platform to surface and disseminate best practices.


Q: Do you have a solution for small businesses that I can download?

A: IR can be used for any team of at least 8 people. We do not at this time offer the ability to purchase IR through our website.


Q: Is my data secure with IR?

A: iDealResponse has won the trust of some of the largest, most security conscious firms in the world. We are one of only a handful of voice technology firms  that owns its own code. This allows us to tightly control security.