Verbal Response Management

iDealResponse drives consistently exceptional customer conversations. The first “verbal social” platform, iR helps sales and support reps hone sales pitches, master winning responses to customer objections, and prepare for critical negotiations. An easy-to-use, phone-based solution, iR gives teams a way to collaborate in real time to quickly master the knowledge and verbal skills to win and keep customers.



Capturing Verbal Intelligence

Within every organization there is a deep reservoir of verbal intelligence – the knowledge and skills employees use to communicate with each other and with customers. It has also been estimated that up to 90% of the knowledge in a company is shared verbally. iDealResponse captures verbal intelligence and disseminates best practices corporate-wide.



Driven by results

Just to be clear… we’re not social for social’s sake. iDealResponse is an outcomes-focused performance platform built by experienced sales and support professionals. We have a track record of driving significant increases in sales and customer loyalty for some of the world’s largest organizations. If it doesn’t move the needle, we’re not interested.

Your team and your phone. A match made in the cloud.


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Teamsourced Expertise

Uncertainty about the economy, the rigors of compliance, and the demands of a highly informed customer base. Today’s market demands exceptional customer conversations driven by precise, up-to-date knowledge of customers and competitors. iDealResponse gives teams the inside edge with peer-driven feedback, targeted suggestions, and field-tested advice.


Team know-how in your pocket

Sales and support reps can’t wait until next month’s training to discover and master fresh content they need for the next customer conversation. iDealResponse is mobile and cloud-based, so you can engage the system anywhere. Big meeting coming up? Use IR on your commute to practice your pitch and access the field-tested knowledge of your team.



The Crystal Ball – Verbal Analytics

What makes a good sales person? What are the top reps saying that makes them so successful? Until now, managers could only guess. With iDealResponse, for the first time you can actually “see” how reps speak. Teammates rate each other on metrics covering content and delivery.  Managers know within minutes how to help each rep target specific areas to optimize their potential.


Daily re-charge

Reps use iDealResponse every day to access field-tested best practices they know will work. It’s a burst of pure energy. We quickly become part of a daily routine: practice with peers to master content and delivery and have anytime access to team best practices.

iDealResponse Workflow

iDealResponse Workflow

iDealResponse engages teams in a continuous improvement cycle to build knowledge and verbal skills. Reps rate each other on targeted metrics measuring content and delivery. They collaborate to identify the concepts, strategies, and verbal best practices that will propel team performance. Response recordings and team “iDeal Ideas” are accessible anytime in the cloud.


Workflow: Record


Conversation scenarios are selected either by the manager or team using the iDealResponse’s built-in survey feature. Each team member records their best response. Reps can record as often as they want. If they are prepared, recording takes only a few minutes. Because the system is cloud-based, reps can record anywhere.


Workflow: Rate


The team evaluates individual responses for content and delivery. Ratings are anonymous – no one knows who rated them high or low. IR uses a proprietary rating system that aggregates key metrics resulting in a team score for each rep. Although the metrics we measure can be customized, they represent the interests of the majority of customers as tested over the past three years.


Workflow: Review


The team participates in a call to discuss the best responses – what worked, what they would actually use in their customer conversations. “iDeal Ideas”, the specific concepts and suggestions the team finds most valuable, are shared and ranked. The team also discusses which scenario to run during the next IR cycle.

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A radical approach to performance

iDealResponse is a revolutionary approach to improving verbal performance that can be used stand-alone, or integrated seamlessly with your existing training program. IR engages employees in a structured, sustained learning and collaboration system and helps you turn B players into A players. The team collaborates on responses so they always have field-tested verbal best practices at their fingertips.


No canned responses

No canned responses

The best conversations don’t sound scripted. Even if you use a script to prepare, your delivery should come across as natural and effortless. iDealResponse engrains ideas in a way that helps reps quickly get comfortable speaking about a concept and asking questions in their own voice. We develop the knowledge and skills reps need to think on their feet in any situation.


Teach a rep to fish

Teach a rep to fish

Get beyond question – answer coaching. In traditional coaching a manager or trainer asks a question and then individual team members answer. Reps depend on managers and trainers for new content. iDealResponse is a self-coaching platform that empowers employees by equipping them with the tools to find solutions within their team. With IR, each team member is given accountability for their progress. They quickly realize the value of a disciplined, sustained approach to building their skills.


Served fresh daily

Best practices served fresh daily

Your business environment – products, markets, competition, and technology – is in a constant state of change. How are you adapting your conversations? Traditional training and coaching is typically delivered in monthly or quarterly cycles. IR helps reps adapt daily, in real time, by providing a continuous supply of team-filtered content and engaging them in a learning process to help them master it quickly.


Know your strengths

Know your strengths (and weaknesses)

iDealResponse gives direct, detailed insight into each employee’s verbal performance in terms of content and delivery. Managers and reps are able to visualize their overall level of verbal proficiency, and where they need to focus to improve. After only a few sessions, managers have access to a very accurate snapshot of a rep’s ability. This not only helps in making new hire decisions, but also gives managers a way to continuously track improvement.